#Your Digital Signature

#Your Digital Signature

My typical day, usually start by checking unread messages and missed calls over my smartphone and not the least, but the most important activity, power charging of all my digital stuff. Good, my smartphone already had warmup alarm beeps early in the morning and now, it’s time to put the social beings online with (t)rings.

Between, I try to catchup with the news headlines for today and possible tomorrow’s, here in a single digested feeds on my smartphone, wowww. . World in my palmtop. “a day with a 30 minutes workout, possibly outdoors, makes a healthy living”, tip of the day on a news feed. . Interesting, let’s start today! ! Oh no, i forgot to finish the game on my ipad that I paused yesterday midnight.. let’s complete the level now and be the top score achiever of the game. . Wowww! !

Oh, whatsapp message. . Hey, it’s a birthday notification of my best friend. . Cool! ! Let’s wish him instantly and be the 1st in his inbox. . “Hi b’day buddy, happy birthday:)”, done! !

After a flood of cell rings and minutes of talks on my mobile, finally could calm down for few more minutes to finish up all daily routines and getting ready for office.

It’s time to rush office early today, atleast. I tell you, it’s a daily rut on the road and could never escape the jams on traffic and has no cheat-codes to the destination, never. Would have been life even more easier, if someone had invented a traffic-less roads in the city, like an android apps. . A bit late but, i reach my office and a quick start of a daily routine works and tasks. Though it seems being busy in official works, we keep checking our smartphone for updates on whatsapp, fb (facebook), twitter, emails, etc. And in between, a tea break and a lunch break with headphones in ears, as we don’t want to miss the time to hangup with trending music world.

It’s evening, timesup for busy corporate hours (may differ according to the shifts “day & night”) for today, and it’s time to move back home. I say, it’s a challenge to reach office in the morning hours and a war to reach home back on the very same rush hour roads. I reached home and thought of getting relaxed for sometime, however, remembered i’ve to meet my friends and we’ve a movie in 3d to watch and back home at night i’d a video chat schedule to attend. Woww, so digitally busy life! !

Well I guess, it’s nothing fascinating all that I’ve recited above. Hmm. . That’s true! But, sure I guess a part of it or a full or even beyond, is a daily chores of a present digital generation. Isn’t it. . ? ?

A student of any school, college, university, an employee or an employer or an entrepreneur or a statesman, of any designation or status in this globalized world, has or is of no excuse and can’t stay away from this digital culture for a minute. It’s making our interaction and communication with the world with an ease and saving tonnes of our precious time.

Also, we get to see so many new terminologies introduced into our dictionaries (including online dictionaries or can google for it or can get it on wikipeidia), that are named after psychological disorders and mental illness caused due to the addiction to the digital technology and to the digital devices.

Are we contributing to the evolution of a new world that has no meaning living in or we trying our best to get rid of emotional attachments with each other on the name of digitally advanced. . ? ? Does buying a communication device, a smart or a standard mobile is paving a way away from your best souls putting them on electronic voices than meeting them personally. . ? ? Are we trying to establish a new definition to the happiness by bringing home a trendy playstation game players or by buying any random electronic gadgets. . ? ?

It’s time to rethink and call forth the human emotions and social bonds between people by a small realization of a thin layer laid between advantage and habit of digital technology.

Think of an opportunity whenever possible, to meet personally and express through your own words rather sitting at your own place and giving them LIKES or SMS. Think of a strict schedule to put your body on workout or sweat a little to pickup your strength and fitness, rather than counting your scores on digital screens. Think of an instance captured onto your heart and mind through your eyes, rather than scramble for perfect picture onto your digital lens, missing natural picture forever. Think of a little walk to the marts, make your choice, pick and pack your requisites, rather going blind on e-commerce, digitally. Think of a session with an elderly soul who can recite real life experiences, or step into  some library, rather than messing upon digital pages over internet.

Think of an occasion where you can make your presence in person and make your identity, rather than staying-in & sending-out #your digital signature.

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