TiMe ChAnGes

Time Changes

Winning where you lost the game once.

Ruling where you were a slave once.

Laughing where you shed your tears once.

Living where you almost dead once.

Raising your head and enter where you slumped your shoulders and exited once.

You get saluted by people whom you saluted once.

Is called success which is only decided by TIME.

Time is the only true support you get to your hardwork, talent, skills,etc.

it has a power to change anything and everything.

It can make a beggar billionaire and the same billionaire to a beggar.

It can make a stone to a mansion and the same mansion to a stone.

Every problem has a solution, every question has a answer, every tear has a smile, every failure has a success.

Don’t judge anyone depending on their present situation..because time and they have very big plans…every second, every minute, every hour, every day is unpredictable…

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