The picture says it all !

The Picture Says It All !!

This picture says it all…!

You have always been holding me with one hand when the other hand is on my dreams!!!!

Guiding me into my way and giving me strength to live my dreams!!!!!

I have always been myself in every situation of my life coz a little part of my mind has always been saying that you are there to stand for me…..

And I have been against you many times and have scolded you as well!!!

But, believe it I have never scolded you or praised you in my heart!!!

As I always know that you will take everything from me..

I have learned that there is nothing that you can’t..

There is nothing to be left undone that came your way!

To show the people who you are, but at the same time respect them for their age, possession and also, for their little concern that they have towards you.

To stand with your decision!!!!

And, even to go quite against your decision for your loved ones and stand with it.

Yes I learned so many things from you.

And I believe it’s not me its you who is standing here!!!!!

As I can’t even imagine of being here without you.

I bet, that I can’t be you and never have been me without you..!!

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