The Condom

The Condom

People don’t want to tell that they are using it.

But still they can’t stop using it!!

And, which never got the credit for it’s work..

But still works for you, though you never know what it kept you out of.

You always treat it to be irritating , while its saving you..

And you leave it, or throw it out.

And you don’t even want to admit that you trashed it.

And it should be branded, costly, with rich looks and the list goes on and on….

Yes, I was used as a condom by my friend…

And I’m proud of myself that I was able to save him from the things that he has never ever imagined of.

I was with him when he never told to anyone about me..

But still he was with me.

I was never in his celebrations..

But I was in all his struggles..

I was always a tickling puppet, while I was standing covering him.

And I was all alone, no I was left alone!!

And look, the one who left me don’t even know me.

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