Special one ;)

Special One (Part2)

Have 10 missed calls………

Picked up the phone on the 11th ring and it was Nancy confirming me about my train

And I had only 1 hour left for me and it takes 30 minutes for me to get to the station

So packed some stuff into a bag that was lying on the floor

Now was thinking of bath…..It’s always very hard to decide on bathing for me

And it was really very good when I was……

There was a ring again as I was staring in the mirror.

And, I was left only with 20 minutes.

So rushed into my car and was driving …. I really like to drive in the nights.

And, my like changed into love for the riding in nights after the long long rides that I had had with…

And finally reached the station, parked my car.

And at the station I was surprised to see my friend Duljith..!!

Duljith, is one of the …..NOOO… the only bhaddas friend that I have.

He reminds me of every moment of my life.

And also makes me forget every incident.

So Duljit was here to get my car back to my home.

And, get me into the train……

I have already travelled a lot but this time it’s really different one.

I am in the same place with the same thoughts the thoughts of you.

The stars in the sky that look to be following me but are leaving me behind just like you.

The day I saw you was the day I found my self!!!!

Though we were different from each other I found my soul in you..

Your smile brought my teeth out!!!

Your words made me dance !!!

Your hand in hand touch made me dwell into the celebration of my life!!

The way you enjoy my craziness, stupidity and madness..

My mood swings when I had a bad day when I moan about the work,

You still listened to me and supported all my shit..!!

Our never ending walks,

Counting stars,

Arguing how many did we count and who counted more,

The way I feel possessive when I saw pinky with you,

The way you copy my expression when I see you both together and that makes me laugh,

I miss it..

Watching our favourite movie with snoopy completing cartons and cartons of ice cream,

By the time we finish the movie we three ended up with cold and sneezes,

When I dragged you to shamshaan just to freak you out,

There was every thing but not your trust..

The trust on me to share all your life events that count on my existence..

But ,I have never questioned you and will never question you in future,

As you are the special one and will always stay to be the special one in my life,

The special one who has made me myself and given me the joyous in being myself..!!

2nd part……

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