Special one


It was going good with a random hai and byes!!!
As when we came face to face on the floor….
And then the hai byes changed into the tea breaks…
And  then it started my day was incomplete without a cup of tea with you
And there was a change in me..infact a drastic one!!!
I  started caring more and more about me!!!the one who you are loving ..
and we even started  meeting outside the office…
and this time not by  coincidence but we planned it!!!!
And This is how I got ready when I had to meet you 
I just took bath..and bunned my hair but I thought, I should leave them free to the cool breeze today ….
I look at myself in the mirror for about 20 minutes and decided  no add-ons to my face, i want to be as simple as the weather today..
Then I was still checking myself in the mirror to see how  am i looking  for every 10 minutes..

And the talks that I had with me  every time I see myself in the mirror are giving me the strength to get in the way to meet you
And finally I get to your place and it feels priceless to find the talks that I had with myself in your words……….
Our first planned date was too good but it still seems like a dream!!! a dream that came to an end in a fraction of seconds
It is truly said with some people three minutes of conversation makes memories but with some even the three hours look like 3 seconds.
And it was very strange the more we were knowing about each other we were finding ourselves in each other!!!!
It totally made sense that we were made for each other and most importantly we enjoyed our company to the fullest!!!

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