Yoga – for a healthy lifestyle


Today, Yoga has a broader meaning and understanding by the world, as a system of coordination between body, mind and the spirit. We know Yoga as a traditional method of physical, mental and spiritual practices. In terms of wellness, Yoga is the best way to keep our mind active by cleansing stress, anxiety and overflow of thoughts. It has a spiritual power of uniting our body and mind – there by attaining a high level of consciousness. In the present modern era, where the man has reached far distances across the universe with breakthroughs in science and technology, also exploring the true science behind the Yoga techniques.

Even though Yoga has originated from spirituality, it teaches a set of non-spiritual yogic exercise proven as a great choice for maintaining physical fitness. In our daily routines, we come across regular challenges that impact mental and physical health. As such, the body healing mechanism must be initiated through a process involving physical exercises. In the present trend of globalization, witnessing the scarcity of time for personal care, it is hard to spend hours outdoors, in gyms or any stadiums. Most of us strive hard to find a better solution to cope up with daily work-overload-balancing fitness as well. Almost, for every scenario relating to mind & body fitness: Yoga serves the purpose, certainly.

Yoga is not a religion, but a lifestyle of discipline and promotes ways of leading peaceful and healthy life in the present scenario of restlessness. Yoga is a true gift to our world, though it is said to be derived from the ancient Indian spiritual practices, and has started seeing the glory across the world. Although we’ve various other forms of systematic practices existing from ages, Yoga is believed to have born par with the dawn of human civilization. As we speak of Yoga, it has many terms to deal with such as its 7 laws, 5 elements, 20 branches and 8 components. We know that Yoga teaches different types of postures and poses – incorporation of both meditation and breathing techniques. It helps both mind and body healing from various chronic and regular complaints – improves mental clarity, concentration and relieves from chronic mental illness.

There are many aspiring Yoga practitioners – who strive hard to achieve the true essence of the spirit of Yoga, while it takes years of practice involving resolute perseverance and discipline. The one who practices Yoga, is called ‘Yogi’ and the feminine form is ‘Yogini’. In the present context of Yoga gaining wide acceptance all over the world, many inspiring Yoga instructors, teachers, practitioners and masters are gladly recognized and acknowledged; spreading joy, creates awareness that helps improve your consciousness and mindfulness.

All aspects of Yoga techniques and teachings are holistic by nature; makes you realize the true potential of one’s own mind.

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