Unity is FAMILY!


The most beautiful place ever on the earth is always a Home with prospering Families. A Family is not only just an institution where a child is brought up healthy and taught good habits, but also with love and compassion. In general, a family is considered to be consisting of parents and children; however it has a broad meaning within, constituting all age groups of people with meaningful connection and incredible bond of love.

“A family is not just a group of members nor a mere count, but a tale of inspiration of prospering together.”

Every great society in the world has a great history of families that stood as an example in the times of uncertainty. Families have great responsibilities towards building a better place for younger generations in many terms.

A family is an informal educational institute for a child, where he gets the basic education of language, speech, manners, discipline and other aspects. Every family member plays competitive role in keeping the bond intact and look after each other all the time. It is always believed that a strong nation can be set with the participation of its youth. A well behaved youth with discipline and focus can take its nation to a greater level within a strong span. There by it can be clearly seen that the role of a family is vital in building a better nation.

Now days, it has become a trend of nuclear families replacing the traditional family structure of Joint families. With the growing culture of individuality and independent thoughts of surviving alone in the society, the compassion for fellow human beings has become narrow. There could be many factors that are diluting the concept of Joint family structure, besides being the best option for bringing up the virtues of human being. Still we see the diminishing joint family tradition from the past decades, but we also witnessing the sprouting interests of many youngsters to be a part of joint family.

Especially in India, we have a great culture and tradition of Joint family system or undivided family which is an extended family structure prevalent throughout the country. Though it is said a nuclear family (or elementary family or a conjugal family) to be advantageous in terms of special care for a child, but in my opinion Joint families nurtures children even more in many other aspects too. I believe we stay strong being together and accompanied with support of multiple relations like grandparents, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, in-laws and parents along. It becomes very obvious that when we are surrounded with such an immense positive vibes around us, we cultivate friendly attitude and humane thoughts prevail.

Generally, the eldest member of the family stays the head of the family; however, the decisions are made collectively more often. Also, the younger generations prosper under the supervision of the elders and bags along the warmth of love and affection of the grandparents in the family. We get to learn from the life experiences of our elders in the family that helps in making wise decisions in many situations, and also elders get the support from the children unconditionally. Nonetheless the bond of love and affection between the members of the extended family (joint family) helps sustain many uncertainties of the world.

Unity is FAMILY!

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