The secret of being intelligent is buying AI and smart products


A psychological ability of learning, acquiring or understand, apply reasoning by logic, retain information (memory) and cognitive motivation etc. can be defined as an ‘Intelligence’. Among all the living beings in the nature, we the humans have attained a high degree of intelligence and sustained domination on our planet earth. The curiosity of understanding the natural physical behavior of surroundings and ecological system has resulted in techniques of science and communication.

Over a period of time we have major breakthroughs in the field of science and obtained unimaginable heights in technology. Today we have no barriers concerning distance or height; we have sophisticated communication systems and internet technology that globalized our world and other scientific technologies that made possible study & exploration of other planets in the universe.

There were numerous achievements in all groups of sciences with the help of advance digital technologies replacing traditional mechanical and analog electronic methods. There was a revolutionary digital transformation which is also called as the 3rd industrial revolution. The working of an economy from barter system to physical currency has also been replaced by digital currency with the help of internet services. Also, there is an alternate marketplace/shopping that is available digitally online, where you can buy & sell products or services, using digital devices from anywhere.

The facility of Internet or broadband has become a basic necessity and some countries have even started placing the right to access internet/broadband by their citizens in their fundamental rights. We are in digital phase of the world, where the information or the data, which is considered as Global-Money, is commoditized in many forms of Digital Content. A digital content consists of various forms of information or data that includes personal profiles, locations, addresses, photographs, audio or video files and many others. This digital content is tradable for a certain value through downloading or uploading to the World Wide Web (abbreviated www) space. Since it has added up to the country’s economy, every country has its own internet policies in action while working online.

Though the commencement of digital services, digital devices, digital tools and digital instruments to ease the functionality with accuracy guaranteed, still it needed more sophisticated operational solutions. In such a complex scenario, there is a need for simplifying the jobs done online every time. Many researches are being carried out in the field of technology with a growing demand for digital establishments all over the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning is the current trending concept, which enables the computer systems to perform crucial tasks that generally require human brain intelligence in recognizing the languages, sounds or speech, visual perception, problem solving ability by decision making on its own through self-learning. Many demonstrations are in practices which are evolving with regular updates and upgrades and simultaneously stepping towards gaining Artificial Consciousness.

The big players of the digital market like Google, Amazon and Apple have been working tremendously in developing digital smart assistant devices for home and offices, which demonstrates a glimpse of their Artificial Intelligence within. To name a few versions of these smart digital assistants, there is Amazon’s Alexa (Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Show), Google’s Assistant (Google Home, Newer Android Smartphones) and Apple’s Siri (iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch).

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