Reed stylus to gesture typing, witnessing the transition of our global communication system


Language is a system of communication, which is an exchange of information between two people (or more) or groups and a process that involves representation through signs and symbols. A vocal representation of emotions, ideas or expressions is termed as speech that sounds in physical aspects, while the physical manifestation of language is termed as writings that appear in visual aspects.

With the evolution of humankind, the emergence of different languages in different groups and communities has also evolved. There is no proof of origin of first language ever spoken or written by our ancestors. However, there are evidences of the oldest languages practiced by the human civilizations. There are speculations about the first human language evolved around 50,000 to 150,000 of years ago on our planet.

History, which intercepts the physical evidences from the ancient past of human civilizations that existed thousands of years ago, was not possible without the records of their writings. Writing is a procedure of physical marking of set of signs or symbols following a specific unit of language practiced by a group or community.

Our ancient writes used different materials such as rocks, animal hides, bones, bamboos, wood, pottery, metals, papyrus, and reed stylus etc. for writing, markings and drawings. The art of writing had widespread throughout the world and many writers/authors contributed to the various creative forms such as novels, stories, poetries, screenplays, essays, history, lyrics, speeches and more others.

The instruments used for writings such as ink-pen, ballpoint pen, lead pencil, paper (invented by china dated back 2000 years ago, is a made of wood pulp), have also evolved and moved across various materials with progression over time. Alongside, the technology of writing instruments has also developed with the inventions of new writing mediums. During these courses of inventions the world has witnessed the transition of communication era that has changed the face of global communication. We have digital communication devices like computers, laptops, cellphones, mobiles, digital cameras, 3D printers, 3Doodler 3D pens, tablets and many more. Currently, the reign of our inventions has placed its focus on inventing a virtual world with immense possibilities in our globalized world.

“There took endless innovations and inventions to shape our modern day seamless printing and writing technology, which is inexpensive and readily available everywhere in the world.

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