I believe in Astrology, but to boost the positive energy


Our appetite for comfort life drives us to work hard in various situations and phases throughout our lives. Some believe in prominent efforts achieving the cause but, few with casual belief in life run by Astronomical Phenomena. It is a tough question to anyone – who believes in Astrology and those who tune out the same, to answer affirmative. Astrology and horoscope are both integral part of our society from ages updating and prompting its presence. It is said that Astrology works by predicting the movements of celestial objects, the sun, the moon and the stars in the universe (or Space).

Every individual is assigned a Zodiac sign, consisting of 12 (twelve signs) constellations, depending upon the position of the planets and stars at the time of their birth. It is believed that the personality, behavior or mood always changes with the movement of the stars and planets. Though scientific communities in the world has denied recognizing Astrology as a branch of Science; it is still being practiced as a part of Science exercising and learning the behavior of the planets & stars in the Space.

As it involves major aspects of physical behavior of the sky objects, it requires in depth knowledge of scientific study of astronomy. Astronomy is a base foundation on which the concepts of Astrology have been developed. Even though many critics and religious institution oppose the science or beliefs of Astrology as misleading or fake; many countries have their own ancient history describing about their own system and studies of Astrological Science. Different types Astrological systems and traditions exist in the world – main divided into Natural Astrology & Judicial Astrology.

Most of the human beliefs are based upon no scientific evidences, hence is the growing popularity for Astrologers and Horoscope predicts. Almost every individual are aware of their Zodiac sign and some of them are strict believers of its daily predictions. People are more interested in understanding probabilities of outcomes way before their actions. It is always our curiosity that drives attention towards Astrologers who predicts life’s fortunes. We have many professionals who dedicate their lives studying science behind Astrological aspects. Today, we see the Internet taken over by the Astrologers and Zodiac Signs predicting institutions and personals.

Like machines even we need to be fueled to embark daily endeavors and accomplishments. Daily predictions or fortunes are making people to step out confidently to work upon with positive energy and satisfied of their Zodiac’s positive vibes. Keeping aside the debates over Astrology as a part of our Sciences or accurate correspondence between celestial aspects and terrestrial events – cannot be it considered as a counseling therapy encouraging people to stay cautious of their actions and be directed in right way through professional suggestions based on Astrology or Zodiac Signs?

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