Happiness is the measurement standard of your healthy life


Being happy is being healthy, as our elders described and lived up to it. Happiness has no limits and is contagious at the same time; be cautious not to be out of its radius. Everyone has their own ideology of happiness. We struggle, strive and sweat; accepting challenges we sacrifice a lot in the tournament of gaining happiness for family and ourselves too. Happiness spreads peace and prosperity among the people and helps in building a healthy environment wherever it spreads.

Happiness is a natural Medicine and no other best prescription than being happy in any sort of illness. Peace comes within happiness, thereby curtailing the opportunities for sadness and sickness. We hold the happiness in our hearts always, the only key to unlock the happiness is being selfless and kind to others. Everyone has their own definition for happiness; some people see it for themselves by helping others, some by limiting themselves to their family or community.

However, life is not so easy for all to be happy always all the time. We have to manage a tonnes of things in life to earn, spend and save a lot for future. We all work hard for better future, better future implies being happy and healthy. We spend our time & energy in earnings, so that we guarantee our lives safe and secure. At the same time one should be aware of little basics about our life’s purpose. We are said to be social animals, living and prospering in a systematic and organized state of living. We are differentiated from other animals on the planet with a very few special characteristics. Among all such characteristics we present, laughing in the state of happiness is one of the special gifts. We must not forget the essence of these God’s Gifts that we claimed as a Human beings and should spread the happiness to multiply.

Happiness doesn’t lies in material things, we tend to see it in material things sometimes, but its presence can be witnessed always in showing empathy towards others sufferings and need. Helping fellow human beings and living beings can bring immense joy and liveliness to our hearts. A lively heart is the only source of true peace & happiness. Any material of the world can be created and be destroyed to the end of its core and hence the artificial-happiness born out of such material things. One must be aware of the basic principles of our precious life, show kindness & empathy by helping others around them.

        Life returns in double whatever we give away, Good or Bad!

Apart from being responsible to family, society and country; being responsible towards fellow living beings is our duty. We no need to be preached about how to lead one’s life, if we know the art of happiness, a true happiness that lies in the happiness of all around us without discriminating the status or level of standards.

        Happiness is the only secret of being healthy and being blessed.

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