Blood Donation; symbol of humanity and kindness.


Blood is a form of fluid that circulates throughout the body providing essential substances such as oxygen and nutrients. Well, besides being vital important to cells of any living beings, blood supply to save the needy in all kinds of medical emergencies has become even more critical. Though the major breakthroughs in modern science are in raise, there is no alternative or substitute for blood, and must depend on generous blood donations or volunteer blood donors.

Not everyone is eligible for blood donation; there are some specifications for donating blood such as age factor and health conditions of the donors. Also, there is a classification between type of blood groups (mainly 4 blood groups or types – A, B, AB and O, and each group can be either RhD positive or RhD negative), and transfusable components in the blood that can be donated depending on the requirement of the patients. There are many organizations throughout the world and local Governments are working hard in promoting the importance of blood donations. International organizations such as WHO and Red Cross are working actively in promoting blood donation awareness in the world.

We are witnessing numerous cases of blood emergencies and deaths among the various age groups of people, due to the lack of sufficient supplies of blood. Also, there are some false myths and false beliefs about blood donations that are curtailing the probabilities of blood donors. With the growing population and increasing health conditions such as road mishaps, trauma, accidents, medical surgeries and maternal emergencies; the urgency of all blood groups supply is at rise.

To meet the requirements of medical emergencies for blood donations, the potential blood donors must be educated with public awareness programmes and sessions. According to some popular research statistics, the availability of blood donating population is only 38 percent (38%), while every few seconds there is a need for blood to save lives. Since the blood cannot be produced in any lab; volunteer donors can only save the precious human lives.

As a matter of fact, human body is capable of producing sufficient blood volume (plasma) and the red blood cells that was lost due to blood donation within few weeks. The time taken for the donation of blood is a matter of few minutes, which counts in saving at least 3 lives. People who are concerned about their body health, there is a healthy benefit of donating their blood in specified regular intervals. Any religion or culture of any corner in the world tends to teach their followers to serve the humanity in any possible way. As such, the best and easy possible way is to donate their blood when someone urgently needs it.

A single unit of our blood has a potential to save approximately 3 lives.

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