Be Sensitive, Stay Indoors Isolated and Win Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Epidemic


The time has come to prove our level of knowledge, education, sensitivity, responsibility towards our family, society and the country. We’ve attained a status of superiority on the planet Earth with our innovations, discoveries and level of intelligence. We’ve been teaching our younger generation about the values of Humanity, Nature & basic principles of discipline to sustain a viable life on our Planet.

Great leaders have led their nations towards uncovering immense possibilities of bright future and peace at the time of uncertainties. We’ve witnessed many revolutions that induced a sense of Patriotism among all the nationals that served the common interests in their countries. We’ve learned a great lessons jot down by unsung and infinite sacrifices of Heroes, to gift the life of freedom at present we’re dwelling with.

We should be learning from our pasts, educate ourselves and teach our younger generations; and save for our future generations. Life is all about sharing knowledge and educating the illiterate to establish a systematic process of living on the Earth. We must take the responsibility of Our Mother Nature as Priority and care our species as well.

Sometimes, a simple act of responsibility would spark a great outcome to the entire Nation. Our collective response towards a greater cause will surpass the pain as well. Together we are strong, is as simple as it sounds but, it demands the sense of responsibility as well as the sense of empathy.

We’re proud to announce the breakthroughs and groundbreaking researches and developments of our Science & Technologies of all kinds. We talk of digitalization and sophisticated communication processes. We are counting on our greater innovations and discoveries in the fields of Health & Science, curing and eradicating the diseases with ages of history into the pages of history.

Histories echoing the sufferings of poor souls undergone leaving no traces of their survivals due to the epidemic apocalypse prevailed in the past. We’re well advanced and organized systematically in the fields of Social and Science. However, we still need to evolve a lot in the fields of self-taught responsibility and sensitivities

However, there is always a time of test that has to be passed with the basic sense of our knowledge and common sense too. Today, we are in the war phase of epidemics and pandemics. We need to act instantly, keeping ourselves to the limits of Humanity and reset our commonsense to its natural state. Time has come to exhibit our true patriotism, empathy and humane emotions in the form of a simple act, refraining ourselves inside our homes and lock your doors for prescribed number of days by our Governments.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus), is at its peak and we are not even bothering to act instantly as an individual safeguarding our family or society either. We are fighting with the invisible enemy that has come into existence challenging your Commonsense and Responsibility as a Human being. Unless you comply with your Government Health Authority guidelines and instructions, no authority or no government can give protection to your life or your family in this regard. The fight is just between YOU & COVID-19 (Coronavirus). You’ve only one choice to take up and win against this battle, stay indoors and stay away from contact with outside world/materials. You don’t need any other weapons, you’ve your sense of responsibility as a weapon against this pandemic situation and victory is ahead few weeks of isolation. Avoid rumors, stick to authentic government agencies updates/news and don’t forward unverified social media messages.

Be conscious, don’t panic, and follow the Government instructions and Health Authority guidelines to keep yourselves, your family, your society, your nation and your world Safe & Healthy.

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