A Thought on Internet Social Media Networking


Social media networking, which came into existence with the establishment of Internet, has become a basic necessity and it has gained highest preference in today’s digital world. Internet is a global computer network connecting throughout the world; providing variety of communication facilities and information data, which is free basically. Any Individual, Organisation, Institution, Company or an Industry needs a platform for publicity to gain access to public interest. Today, any entity (profit or non-profit) should have its footprints over world-wide-web (or an Internet) to ensure its perseverance and progress.

Before the emergence of the Internet, the social media network has its presence in different form. Social media network has become a part of our modern life style. Any individual with a digitally interactive media has access to these social media platforms. It facilitates them to share and publish the information, personal or professional, across the internet. To name few popular social media that took the concept of being socialized to the next level are, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Wechat, Instagram, Pinterest, QQ, Tumblr, Qzone, etc.

However, the digital incarnation of social media has revolutionized its concepts and diverting all the brains towards it. Meanwhile, some organizations have started framing few ethical guidelines to be followed while on internet, to save the sensitive information from being into wrong hands or eyes.

In simple, social media network provides a window to share any kind of information or data with or without any consent. Being on internet, calls for a sense of consciousness and responsibility among the internet users while sharing the information data. It is a gateway to understand each other closely and exchange ideas, personal or professional, between individuals and organizations. Any country providing internet access within or outside their boundaries, have their own set of rules and regulations keeping their privacy safe. There should be an ethical approach while being on social media for any kind of transactions done. It is highly recommended to be careful while on social media of any kind, to safeguard their privacy and sensitive information from public.

Today, Women and Child safety over internet usage is a trending concern of every nation, since cyber abuses has become very often and is at an alarming stage. There should be a check on internet users and their activities. However, before it becomes the duty of any Government to safeguard, the users of the internet must be cautious and self-aware of the cause & effect of social media usage. Parents should be educated to keep an eye on their kids while letting them to access the internet or any social media platform. Unnecessary time spending over internet social media networks may potentially affect the health and mind of the users. We are witnessing the emergence of new psychological side-effects of addiction to digital gadgets like mobiles or computers. The more we grab the benefits of Social media networking; often we see open opportunities of slipping into the clutches of its dark side too. Social media platforms have both the pros & cons; it has the potential capability of productive progress as well as the dark side of its ill effects while exchanging the information data.

As the popular saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure!” Before it’s too late; better be cautious and utilize the gift of internet social media for healthy and productive purposes.

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