A Friend in rain is also a Friend in sun – An Umbrella


An Umbrella, a natural precaution and a must carry on a sunny or a rainy day. It keeps you protected under its shade from heat of the sun and the rain showers. It has kept its companionship with humans from ages. We have been using it as a protection device and have its added ingredient role in the fashion world. It has been invented thousands of years ago and many historical documents depicted the usage of umbrellas by many ancient countries.

People in different parts of the planet earth have been using this umbrella in different models and for various purposes. Many ancient arts and artifacts stood evidence of umbrellas usage in ancient China, Greece, India, Egypt and other parts of the world. However, the invention of a fine model of foldable or collapsible umbrella is said to be invented in ancient china during Cao Wei dynasty. The shape or form of the umbrella is unique depending on the availability of the material resources in those regions. Many makers all over the world have contributed their skills in giving a refined structure and mechanism of handling an umbrella. The canopy of an umbrella is made of variety of fabrics and the other parts are made of either wood, plastic or a metal.

Though the purpose of an umbrella originated as a parasol (A handheld collapsible source of shade), is also been used as a fashion accessory. Many authors throughout the world have depicted the role or a presence of an umbrella to elevate a situation or a scene or a property of the context. Also, the term umbrella was presented as an example in many sayings and quotes. Besides the existence of a Hat, which is worn as protection against weather conditions and for various statuses in the society, Umbrella had its place intact in our cultures, traditions and customs. The modern model of an umbrella had to undergo many levels of customary designs and forms.

The make, model and appearance gave birth to different umbrellas in vivid colors to suit different occasions. To name a few, there is portable, classic, bubble, storm, automatic, wooden umbrellas, walking stick umbrella and more. Depending upon the taste and requirement of a person, there is availability of different umbrellas on various price levels. The umbrella is carried as a status pride symbol and carried along as a companion in various walks of life. It is helpful to a farmer or a labor who works outdoor fields irrespective of weather conditions.

“Keeping you safe from extreme conditions and walks along with you in every situation, an Umbrella.”

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