26 Feb

My Crush



It was my first day to college and It was our orientation day

And I saw a guy with a sweet smile on face and guiding us to our way

Next day I saw him standing in the corridor in my way to the class

He and some of his friends were ragging my class mates

And I was praying in my heart that he should call me

But no…. he didn’t !!

I used to always stare at him

And tried hundreds of time to talk to him

But he never responded !!

And even today I stare at his mobile number…

And think of texting him but, I always end up feeling happy staring at his DP……

And it feels amazing and strange when it gets a smile on my face..


23 Feb

The Condom

People don’t want to tell that they are using it.

But still they can’t stop using it!!

And, which never got the credit for it’s work..

But still works for you, though you never know what it kept you out of.

You always treat it to be irritating , while its saving you..

And you leave it, or throw it out.

And you don’t even want to admit that you trashed it.

And it should be branded, costly, with rich looks and the list goes on and on….

Yes, I was used as a condom by my friend…

And I’m proud of myself that I was able to save him from the things that he has never ever imagined of.

I was with him when he never told to anyone about me..

But still he was with me.

I was never in his celebrations..

But I was in all his struggles..

I was always a tickling puppet, while I was standing covering him.

And I was all alone, no I was left alone!!

And look, the one who left me don’t even know me.

23 Feb

TiMe ChAnGes

Winning where you lost the game once.

Ruling where you were a slave once.

Laughing where you shed your tears once.

Living where you almost dead once.

Raising your head and enter where you slumped your shoulders and exited once.

You get saluted by people whom you saluted once.

Is called success which is only decided by TIME.

Time is the only true support you get to your hardwork, talent, skills,etc.

it has a power to change anything and everything.

It can make a beggar billionaire and the same billionaire to a beggar.

It can make a stone to a mansion and the same mansion to a stone.

Every problem has a solution, every question has a answer, every tear has a smile, every failure has a success.

Don’t judge anyone depending on their present situation..because time and they have very big plans…every second, every minute, every hour, every day is unpredictable…

22 Feb

Soulmate, NOT A Life Partner!!

We were together, were alike..

I saw my thoughts flowing in his words..

His deeds made my dreams true..

We get surprised to find each other in every way of life..

He is a mirror to me..

He is the thought to my word..

He is the way to my dreams..

He is my soul mate..

He is my FRIEND and NOT a life partner:)


17 Feb

I’m Speed..!!


I give joyous ride to friends.. I give kick to the riders.. Memorable moments to couple!

I’ show-off stuff to youth, Boys shower money on me.

As everything on this earth has two sides even I have my other side too!!

People only see my one side.. While others experience the other side of me

I have a capacity to take away 100years in a second and capable to shatter dreams of riders and their family along.

I’ excited to break the beautiful and even a well built body into pieces.

I have great magic that can replace a God made body parts with artificial ones.

I have been abused by families and friends.. but still, I get encouraged and experienced by all !!


15 Feb
I Had 'Life'.

I had a ‘LIFE’.

Yes, I was alive when there were group of friends to share ideas and dreams.

Yes, I was alive when I had no money for the bus ticket and took a long walk with friends.

Yes, I was alive bunking classes, exploring roads, meeting new personalities.

Yes, I was alive sharing single box with ten friends.

Yes, I was alive when I didn’t know what money is, what branded accessories are, when I only knew was life is about living every moment and aspiring every second.

Yes, I was alive when I used to watch TV serials and cricket matches with my family.

Yes, I was alive when I used to be my own ruler and dream about my passion.

Yes, I was alive when I used to laugh out loud.

Now I’m a social being who don’t have time to spend with family and friends.

I am here where life has only luxuries, branded things that have no life.

Where only money can talk and not the feelings, where money can rule all and not us.

Where eating favourite food you like only takes you to hospital and gyms.

Where parents are only meant to end up at old age homes.

Where no one has time even to think what they are doing??

Where time is the only machine which calculates money.

And yes, I’m made proud to be a social being with no life, and equal to a machine.

15 Feb
What you got on your BIRTH DAY ??

What you got on your BIRTH DAY ??

In 90s’ and early 2000s’..

It was a Tight hug

Birth day bumps

Loud wishes..

Group of friends staring me all the day

Dress codes

Jokes , games, movies and the list goes on..!!

And, NOW..

Wishes on Facebook

Naming the wahtsapp group as ‘Happy B’day Arnav” irrespective of my existence in the group

Subha poochte ho party kaha hai aur sham main.. No one even remembers it’s my b’day’

I really miss those tight hugs and heartily wishes..

Let us celebrate App free b’day..

Let us use these to be closer, but not to destroy the warmth.

13 Feb

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