Our responsibility to keep the Planet safe by keeping environment clean


Mankind has entered a new era of modern science and technology with every possibility of turning out dreams and imagination into reality. Time consuming concepts are being widely replaced by mechanical limbs and brains, from counting tasks to growing living organs. Exploring the other Planets in the Galaxy is currently the trending quest for our Scientists. Modern communities and societies have evolved with higher standards of living and promoting modern cultures in the world.

Also, amidst all these successful developments, we see a gripping hold of pollution to its extreme level of contaminating Soil and Oceans as well. It is very clear that pollution is the term that emerged due to man’s intervention through science discoveries and inventions that ease our life style. There are many types of pollution causing adverse effect to our Natural Environment, such as noise pollution, light pollution; soil contamination, land mining for minerals & fossilized resources, water contamination and air pollution through littering, plastic, radioactive substances exposure into the atmosphere.

According to statistical data of scientific surveys, global warming has caused thousands of species (including animals & plants) that went extinct during these few decades than the few numbers occurred over the last 450 million years on our planet. All countries are uniting together to bring down the adverse effects due to the pollution. Many government and non-government organizations are working out possible ways to minimize or neutralize the factors that are polluting our planet.

Along with the great efforts of these united countries and organizations, we as an individual also have a responsibility towards our Nature. Pollution is not only caused by the industries, machines or vehicles, but also through unhygienic habits of people using plastic in a very high quantity. We must limit or avoid usage of plastic as much as possible or use alternate materials in place of plastic. Everyone should make a habit of managing garbage and systematic disposable of leftover wastage or materials at home or during outdoors.

It becomes our responsibility to keep the planet safe by keeping earth’s environment clean. It takes a sense of responsibility to maintain our living areas clean & tidy, so do our surroundings. We must educate our younger generations about the cause and effect of pollution on earth. We all wish to see a clean and beautiful atmosphere in and around our living areas. The way we keep our home clean, we should try to maintain good habits while being outside our homes. Today we see a great problem raising alarms across the world, Global Warming. Global warming is not alone a current issue facing throughout the globe, but also unhealthy conditions contributing to it.

Remembering inspirational words by Mahatma Gandhi, Sanitation is more important than independence’, which means maintaining our surroundings clean and tidy is more important than anything else in the world. It is very clear that even great people from generations has practiced cleanliness as a primary motto in their lives.

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