Honey with Banana face pack for instant brightening skin

Honey with Banana Face pack

Honey with Banana face pack for instant brightening skin: A Natural & Homemade Tip

Banana, being an edible fruit is also used as face pack (or face mask) for instant brightening and glowing skin. The usage of banana in dietary and beauty care list dates back around 500 BC. Besides bearing innumerable dietary benefits, it has also many benefits using as an ingredient in body and skin care recipes and products. Banana has many nutritious values filled with sufficient potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and vitamins like A, B-6, C and magnesium.

A simple tip of mashed well ripen Banana to thin paste can be applied to face skin and benefited with healthy glowing skin. However, the application of another ingredient mixed with the banana paste has even more effective result in gaining a bit healthier, brightened and glowing skin in minutes. As such, the combination of Honey with the banana is well popular among effective face pack formula.

Honey is a Nature gifted product and filled with many medicinal values. The usage of honey dates back thousands of years. It has high levels of glucose, fructose and monosaccharides which give the taste of sweetness. Honey is also being used as homemade remedies for antiseptic and antibacterial solution due to its natural medicinal properties.

Let’s explore this very simple and homemade face pack, yet effective formula of combined banana and honey ingredients for an instant brightening of face skin.

Simple procedure of Honey with Banana face pack

  1. Take 1 well ripened banana and mash it well to a thin paste.
  2. Take 3 teaspoons of honey and mix it well with the ready prepared banana thin paste.
  3. Washing your face before applying the face pack is always a good start.
  4. Now start applying the honey and banana thin paste over the face and neck part gently.
  5. A little massage on face while applying the honey with banana paste is recommended for relaxing the facial nerves and muscles.
  6. Wait for around 20 mins.
  7. Wash your face with cold water or rinse off with a wet cloth or towel.

This simple and easy homemade face pack of banana with honey has instant result. Avoiding synthetic and chemical mixed face packs or face masks is strongly recommended to maintain natural beauty of body and the skin fairness. All it takes is a little effort at your leisure time while at home.

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