Increasing potential of food & travel blogging videos over Internet.


My best experience during these years was watching video logs / video blogs uploaded to video websites. These video websites ( always on top) has tons of videos uploaded every minute with different categories. Information, education, news & entertainment categories are trending videos attracting website visitors. The creative level of producing and presenting the videos has gone to next level from simple filming techniques to aerial view involving drones cameras. Many youngsters are passionate about video production and have made filming as their professions. Apart from online movie streaming; video blogs or video logs have earned their popularity enticing millions of visitors daily, thus building a billion dollar market.


Personally, speaking about my favorite category of video logs / vlogs; Food & Travel is being much satisfying term on the earth. With the introduction of video streaming websites, we could watch video recordings of places, traditions, cultures and more, within our finger clicks. Food tours are just amazing watching anytime anywhere on screen comfortably sitting at anyplace. There are numerous bloggers who embark on every possible places finding variety of food and recipes. We are now able to get recipes of any dish from any corner of the world learnt through the video blogs / logs. Street foods are just irresistible and could get the location details easily with the streaming videos.


Many people turned into professionals, travelling and touring various regions in different countries, just because they got fascinated to video blogs / vlogs of their favorite website video channels. We see lots of popular video bloggers and their famous video channels streaming over internet gaining celebrity status popularity. Popular Chefs & famous restaurants of all sizes throughout the world are promptly uploading their food reviews, details & presentations to the video channels online. Also, street food exploration is an eye candy; currently trending concept among the youtubers from different parts of the world.

Revenue generating through online blogging / vlogging has increased to utterly unbelievable figures. Famous artists from various fields have call forth own channels staging their accomplishments and set out.

It takes guts to explore new places capturing details pertaining to their blogging specialty. We find bloggers enjoying and being entertained working hard on the content for their blogging channels. Though it’s not easy to be a blogger who strains brains and body, they find themselves satisfied with the populating users and their appreciations over like buttons and comments section. Also, a well-planned online marketing strategy for their unique video content can get into limelight overnight.

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