Be the change or atleast for a moment, just exchange.



Everybody wants the world to be a better place to live in, expecting someone to bring in the change and change the world. Miracles are not handy when it comes to reality, raising the voice, bringing together the souls and sacrificing whatever it needs to attain the goal and so on, it takes. All share their opinions on betterment of our society and nation through a change in the policies and politicians. Sure, that’s a good thought but, how much will be your contribution to the betterment of the very same society and nation at all ??

Well, nobody has time nor interested to spare any time or money on such. I see a great example came in front of our eyes few days back and going on currently, a small decision or may call a small change in our Govt. Economic policy about Demonetization of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- Rupee notes in our Country, India.

It is clear that, demonetization or ban on higher denomination currency notes ie. Rs.500/- & Rs.1000/- must have greater impact on illegal activities on various grounds right from the circulation of fake notes, stashed black money, weaponry purchase/sales with our currency and many other. This should be also very clear to all of us as a citizen of India, that bringing down all these illegal activities to some extent is a big benefit at the first stage. How come, I see running headlines on sufferings of common people in the country at the first place instead? Most of the people at my place are happy to see this decision made by our PM of INDIA, since, it effects directly the blackmoney holdings primarily in our country. It is for sure, that this ban on couple of higher denominations demands responsible citizens to spare some time on exchanging their cash (Rs.500 or Rs.1000 notes) holdings with their respective banks with legitimate relaxations on transactions and so on, at their own places. This should not be any pain if we are looking forward for our own benefits in long-run as a part of our government system.

We’ve witnessed from decades and know the sufferings of victims of bribery culture and corrupt systems in Public and Private sectors. We’ve been talking about this ever since we’ve started our transactions in financial matters. As a saddest part of it, we suppress our voices against it and bribery has become a regular practice in our financial systems (though it is illegal) and has it’s clutches embraced almost all the sections and, even today admission of an elementary kid is not possible without it. This should be a wake-up call to the news media and politicians in our country to show their participation in keeping the nation intact. Instead, I see their shouts and slogans on screens propagating not lasting ill effects rather than bigger benefits of this ban on couple of denominations. We often get to see news, debates, discussions etc. comparing with other countries and showing up our country downtrends mostly. Electronic and Print Media is a powerful medium to promote nations best interests and educate people in mass. We expect mass media to promote and broadcast the unexplored benefits behind the changes in government policies and not panicking the public instead. Why not debate on higher ends of our potentials worth to be a powerful nation among other countries. Why not educate people of our country with higher prospective of the initiations taken up by our government irrespective of any ruling party.

Any decision taken on behalf of national interests by our government always seeks support from all it’s citizens and is successful only with our complete participation. Don’t be misguided by the comments and panicking propaganda by some commercial institutions and others. Ban on the higher denominations, is just a small step in curtailing anti-national activities and it needs more participation of responsible citizens to cut down the illegal and anti-social elements from our country for once and for all. After all, a small stepping stone will lead to a greater destiny.

“If you don’t want to BE A CHANGE, atleast EXCHANGE your NOTES for the moment.”

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