Curry leaves are miraculous and basic ingredient of a healthy diet

Curry leaves are miraculous.

Curry leaves of a curry tree (Murraya or Chalcas koenigii) are very common and a basic ingredient of any Indian recipe. Besides being an aromatic & natural flavoring agent, these organic curry leaves have numerous health benefits. The curry leaves are also known as ‘Sweet Neem Leaves’, found in tropical and subtropical regions. The curry plant is native to India, Srilanka and other neighboring countries. It is well known as ‘kadi pathi’ in India and used as a vital ingredient in all varieties of ‘chutneys’¬†along with other spices.

A revolutionary development in the transportation system curtailed the tonnes of hours of journeys between the nations and brought immense valuable changes in shaping the lives and cultures of many countries. The import & export of various products and materials between the countries has improved a lot by the fast growing means of complex transportation system. It made possible the availability of almost any product or produce with any country in the world. It gave a wide scope of various inventions, improvements and introductions of large varieties of products in many fields along with culinary cultures between the countries. The availability and growing technique of curry leaves plant has widespread around the world due to its medicinal herbal properties.

Many popular cuisines had adopted it into their traditional dishes as a regular diet ingredient. The Curry leaves are packed full of iron, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B & B2, vitamin C, Vitamin E, folic acids and carbohydrates. The availability of curry leaves is instant fresh and added as seasoning ingredient to enhance the taste and flavor of any dish.

Any multi-flavored or a plain dish without the aroma and participation of curry leaves is considered incomplete.

People also believe the curry leaves helps in controlling blood sugar levels, fights against various infections and protects heart from diseases by increasing good-cholesterol levels in our body. The consumption of curry leaves has increased as it is believed to possess anti-diabetic medicinal property. It helps in stimulating hair growth, prevents gray hair, cures dandruff, reduces amnesia and sharpens your memory.

The curry tress produces small black berries which are used for medicinal purposes, however, these berries or seeds are not used for culinary purpose or cooking. The cultivation of the curry tree is simple and is available commonly grown in backyards or gardens at home. Packed dried curry leaves powder is available ample in general stores and super markets. It can be stored fresh for a very long time. Incorporating leafy green vegetables in your daily meal gains you more health benefits.


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