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04 Mar

You Were Very Different

You were very different from what I thought you to be, You were my hero my perfect guy, who has

13 Nov
BAN ON 500 & 1000 RUPEES

BE A CHANGE or Atleast for a moment, JUST EXCHANGE.

 – BAN ON ₹ 500 & ₹ 1000 RUPEE NOTES IN INDIA.   Everybody wants the world to be a better place

02 Sep

This Picture Says It @LL..!

—————————————————————————————————————————————- This picture says it all…! You have always been holding me with one hand when the other hand is

30 Jul


Year-2016, Month-July, Day-Saturday and Time-8:00AM. My typical day, usually start by checking unread Messages and Missed Calls over MY SMARTPHONE

27 Apr

A Chain Of Girl’s life -3

I have decided this will be my last color and after this there will be an end to the TAMASHA

25 Mar

A Chain Of Girl’s Life (Part-2) – COLORS!!

…. After listening to the last night episodes at my home, my friends analysed the situations and convinced me to try

10 Mar

A Chain of Girl’s Life..

This is the trailer of my story.. I’m a girl with many dreams, to earn, to travel, have new experiences,

26 Feb


Women empowerment is not about doing the things that men do.. It’s not even about wearing shorts or a burkha

26 Feb

My Crush

    It was my first day to college and It was our orientation day And I saw a guy

23 Feb

The Condom

People don’t want to tell that they are using it. But still they can’t stop using it!! And, which never