Beetroot and Carrot Juice for double health benefits

Beetroot Carrot Juice

The consumption of variety of vegetables in our daily meal is must for a healthy body functioning. Not all vegetables are necessarily cooked on fire to input in our daily diet, few of them can be consumed in raw or taken as juice. There are various root vegetables which can be taken as raw or juice.

Beetroot or Beet is a leafy top grows above the ground is a healthy and nutrient food. It is a great source of vitamin C and Iron, which helps increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood. Also, it is said to be very helpful in maintaining the blood pressure in our body. Beetroot contains a plant pigment namely betacyaninand, that gives it a rich color of purple crimson, which helps in reducing abnormal cell development   and fighting certain kinds of cancers. It has inorganic nitrates and its rich fiber content can help you relaxing from constipation problems and helps lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

There are many dishes, recipes available for cooking beetroot and can be mixed with other vegetables making it an energy booster. Beetroot and carrot juice is one of the best consuming combinations which are healthy and helps in fighting toxins in the body. Beetroot contains betaine, which helps in detoxification, and carrot helps the body in excreting toxins.

Carrot is a root vegetable available in various colors and a rich provider of vitamin A. It has numerous health benefits including preventing certain kinds of cancers, maintaining skin beauty, reducing cholesterol levels, improves vision, reduces dark circles around eyes, anti-aging, develops the body immune system, helps in weight loss and many more.

Simple homemade method of beetroot and carrot juice

  1. Take 2 fresh carrots (well grown), 1 medium size beetroot, ½ cup of water.
  2. Wash them well with water.
  3. Soak beetroot and carrots in the water about 30mins.
  4. Take the beetroot and carrot out from the water and peal the skin off neatly.
  5. Chop or cut them into reasonable sizes suitable for your mixture grinder.
  6. Blend until it gets a nice and smooth texture in the blender.
  7. Take a bowl with fine mesh cover up on it and now pour the mixture over it.
  8. Press beetroot and carrot mixture with the help of a tablespoon or a blade of spatula to drain the juice through the mesh into the bowl.
  9. Or, you can also use cheesecloth (if available) or a clean filter cloth to squeeze the juice out of the pulp.
  10. Collect the juice into a glass and is ready to drink.

As an option, you can also add a small piece of 1/4 Ginger and ½ Lime or a Lemon to the ingredients.

So, an easy method of mixing beetroot and carrot juice can gain you with immense health benefits as well as, a boosting energy throughout the day.

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