04 Mar

You Were Very Different

You were very different from what I thought you to be, You were my hero my perfect guy, who has

02 Sep

This Picture Says It @LL..!

—————————————————————————————————————————————- This picture says it all…! You have always been holding me with one hand when the other hand is

07 Jul

sPecIaL onE

It was going good with a random hai and byes!!! As when we came face to face on the floor….

15 Apr

Special one ;)

Have 10 missed calls……… Picked up the phone on the 11th ring and it was Nancy confirming me about my

26 Feb

My Crush

    It was my first day to college and It was our orientation day And I saw a guy

23 Feb

The Condom

People don’t want to tell that they are using it. But still they can’t stop using it!! And, which never