26 Feb


Women empowerment is not about doing the things that men do.. It’s not even about wearing shorts or a burkha

23 Feb

TiMe ChAnGes

Winning where you lost the game once. Ruling where you were a slave once. Laughing where you shed your tears

22 Feb

Soulmate, NOT A Life Partner!!

We were together, were alike.. I saw my thoughts flowing in his words.. His deeds made my dreams true.. We

17 Feb

I’m Speed..!!

  I give joyous ride to friends.. I give kick to the riders.. Memorable moments to couple! I’ show-off stuff

15 Feb
I Had 'Life'.

I had a ‘LIFE’.

Yes, I was alive when there were group of friends to share ideas and dreams. Yes, I was alive when

15 Feb
What you got on your BIRTH DAY ??

What you got on your BIRTH DAY ??

In 90s’ and early 2000s’.. It was a Tight hug Birth day bumps Loud wishes.. Group of friends staring me