A Letter From Your Mother, With Love.

Dear Baby With Love From Mom

I am so happy and I am so blessed, reaching a phase of my life; as I see my transformation into a mother soon. Day after day I counted during my first trimester, as I knew you are with me; I started to take care of me. I’ve even started to acclimatize myself that were never meant for me till yesterday, stick to medication and resting all the time these days. I felt happy as the clock was ticking, reminding me of the pleasant days yet to come after few months.

I cherish the day, I came to know that, I am expecting and was drenched in eternal happiness along with your Father. Though it was hard for me as I suffered through cough & cold, fever and other complications, but your father led us overcome easing them all with his words charm. We’re in his safe hands now and forever, equally sharing his love and affection right away. He kept my dreams alive and pacifies me in the times of suffering and pain. He is the one who took it more than a responsibility and lifting my spirits when I was losing the hopes.

We must surrender ourselves to your father’s love, stood beside me in every step and stretched his heart for you as well. He is my best Friend, a Husband and a Father, whose Babies we’ve become now. He would never express his stress, but taking care of us every possible way he could afford. I should also mention the great souls, your Grandparents who backed us with their unconditional love. I wish for the day comes soon, when We witness You, You Our Sweet Little Angel, playing in our arms caressing all over.

I keep busy a part of my heart praying to God, to take Care and Bless Our Family with loads of Love, Health and Happiness.

Your Loving MOTHER !

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