A Chain of Girl’s Life..


This is the trailer of my story.. I’m a girl with many dreams, to earn, to travel, have new experiences, explore life,

..and when it comes true reality to fulfill them I need to fight with an evil called “society”.

Here starts the main story..

When I started earning, i thought that now i can really make my dreams true and started noting down everything has been listed and started saving money for what i have been planning since my childhood, and i was very happy and excited about the future plans.

Then there comes a 7.3 scale degree earthquake which is my 7 steps and 3 knots of license in a girl’s life..

Where people say ‘life and god has other plans in store for you..! guess what?? the same thing happened with me..

As I’ve just turned 24 and my parents are planning to toss me out of my home in the name of marriage.

My dad, my only hero, has started planning for a budget and keeps repeating every day of the expenses that are flying high and shall be rendered on my wedding. Piling up the money from banks, selling lands just to comfort and entertain people whom i never knew or merely seen, and so called our relatives who pay attention upon spending out our half of the life’s earnings just to make them happy and is exactly what my parents called it a ‘STATUS’ in the society.

Training Sessions:

My mom, my best friend started chanting the mantras of how to be a ideal ‘Bahu’ at my mother ­in-law’s home (whom i don’t know yet), and giving me classes as to how to cook, how to respect elders, how to behave when relatives visits to your place, how to smile and not to laugh loud when you are with elders and the list goes on and on and on..

Certification Exam :

And, when I said, I was not ready yet for the marriage and briefed, i have so many things to attain in respects of career and goals in my only life and where I shall be strong and healthy for a span of 10 years to embrace in this current hybridized world.. There i dropped an atomic bomb same as in like tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident!!

Soon, it’s Time for an interrogation!!!!!

“Do you have a boyfriend???”

I replied, “no.. I just want to live my life the way i have been planning and i think, i still need time to bound in a new relationship with new responsibilities.”

Second question!!!!!!!!!

“Are you in love???”

My answer was “no”. Of course not, when my answer for the last one was “no”, then this will be a big “no” too right??

There my mom started crying and utters, why do you say you are not ready yet for marriage?? You just want to do big things because you are grown up now?? She was not happy with the fact that as to how her daughter is not excited about the marriage unlike other girls of her age. Yet she began cursing upon saying “I don’t know why and what we have done and we got children like you ?”

I heard it all, felt so bad and was in a shock until she finished her talks and I kept my mouth shut.

Just in few lines my mom finished her definition of a Girl’s life like, to get married, give birth to child, raise them, take care of them and her family.. that’s all, there she concluded a life of a GIRL.

After the questionnaire.. I could only feel like ‘rub salt into my wounds and stay dumbstruck..Then the only solution i have is——-!!!!!!’

Will meet you soon…

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