A Chain Of Girl’s life -3

Girls Chain

I have decided this will be my last color and after this there will be an end to the TAMASHA at least for sometime.

GREEN color : He is a software engineer who is really soft and has a plan for future and family.

Demands: He want us to work so hard till we are 35 then plan for children then start a business and then develop it for 55 t hen enjoy life with luxuries.

Good idea but what if i don’t live till 55? If i am not healthy to enjoy life any more? If i was meant to stick to my bed at 55??

Well, I’m done being a robo and just to sit there and listen to their life plan in which I’m no were related to.

It was my turn to talk this time to my parents and I told them, I’m fed up of imaginary character with all attributes in someone’s life which has no value at all..

I want someone who really think I’m a human being atleast give a thought that even I have dreams, goals and let me follow my heart not the one who don’t value my opinion, who just think I am a piece of an artwork  which is only for display to society, don’t they feel marriage is not a 10am-6pm job?? it is a feeling that bound two hearts together lifelong and they both must be happy, respect, love, give freedom to do what they want to do.

Guess what happened after this, my parents started repeating the dialogue that I was not the girl born and brought up by them and I felt very bad that my own parents are not willing to think what I am trying to say and like others they are in a rush to satisfy society. I know it is their responsibility and they are the people who will be very happy for me in this whole world I can do anything for them..

But before I do what they want, I wanted to do things which I was planning. I know I may do mistakes, take wrong decisions but, I will learn from them, will correct and improve myself to be a better person.

I have seen people saying and posting many inspirational quotes on social media but when it comes to reality no one follow their hearts .. instead they just start the race which has no finish line..

Though the thinking of people has been improving day by day and when it comes to girl as their wife still  they want her only as servant, nurse, cook, etc., but not as a human being with brain, skills and talent not only in kitchen, but also outside of it. Even our parents are very supportive in our saga where letting us to study the subjects we like and allowing us  to work, when it comes to marriage they always want to follow the race which was created by so called ‘society’.

Marriage is a very big step for a girl and she do really need outright support to take this step forward.. there is no rush at all.. She has her own career and dreams let her follow them, achieve them, when she really want someone special in her life, she would surely need your decision and without you she can’t take a single step forward and please face the society and answer them. Most of the people out there in society are not happy with their lives and want to spoil others happiness by just suggesting them which is not at all necessary.

End of the day what really matters is, your daughter happiness, her smile, her relation and bound she creates with her NEW FAMILY.

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