A Chain Of Girl’s Life (Part-2) – COLORS!!


…. After listening to the last night episodes at my home, my friends analysed the situations and convinced me to try and taste the toast of matchmaking trials, arranged by my parents giving it a title “colors of life and every color has its own flavor”. As I don’t want to be a victim of my mom’s illusions, I was ready for the ‘Numaish’ (an Exhibition)!!!!


RED color: He was handsome, fair, good physic, working in MNC and time to handshake and private chitchat. He asked me where do i work? and unlike him, I’m not working in MNC which, i never wanted to but still I earn a good salary, it was always the work which I give believe not the company.

Demands : He wants me to leave the present job and join the same company where he is working and same night shifts, so it will not be a problem to spend time together and he can proudly say ‘i’m working in a MNC’.

Rejected.. and my parents need a reason.. i told them that he is a Hitler, he is not ready to listen to me at all and he has his own requirements for future wife, which i’m not. It was a bomb blasting news to them and started worrying.

YELLOW color: He was working as a bank manager, big and educated family with high pay.

Demands: no need of working as he is earning for whole family so, I will not be a  burden, and he will be very happy to pay my whole bills and feels that the society wont’ give respect if a women work for money and he says, when I am earning and what else does a women needs when she is getting money without breaking her back.

Do we really break our back to earn..?? I think we use brain to work more than body.. don’t we??

Rejected.. pressure started increasing day by day and my parents started avoiding attending functions because, they can’t answer questions like ‘why don’t your daughter get married?”, and they might think I have some problem.

BLUE color: A problem solving Manager, doesn’t want any problem in his future planning.

Demands: He need a 6 digits dowry, a car, along with a very well educated wife and should stay at home to take care of his sick parents.

Comparatively, he was the better one but, I felt I’m not the one for him when I have career and dreams.

Rejected.. my parents are very high and eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make the mission impossible to possible at any cost this time..!!

3rd part coming soon….

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