04 Mar

You Were Very Different

You were very different from what I thought you to be,

You were my hero my perfect guy, who has the qualities that rate the best amongst my list

But, unfortunately it took a long way for me to recognize you!!

Still I am fortunate enough that I had been in your company for a good time

And has been through very good things!! That I would have not got from anyone else…

That is what makes you very special one in my life!!

The one for whom I fell once and at the same time who made me fall out of everything that I thought of you!!

13 Nov
BAN ON 500 & 1000 RUPEES

BE A CHANGE or Atleast for a moment, JUST EXCHANGE.

 – BAN ON ₹ 500 & ₹ 1000 RUPEE NOTES IN INDIA.


Everybody wants the world to be a better place to live in, expecting someone to bring in the change and change the world. Miracles are not handy when it comes to reality, raising the voice, bringing together the souls and sacrificing whatever it needs to attain the goal and so on, it takes. All share their opinions on betterment of our society and nation through a change in the policies and politicians. Sure, that’s a good thought but, how much will be your contribution to the betterment of the very same society and nation at all ?? Well, nobody has time nor interested to spare any time or money on such. I see a great example came in front of our eyes few days back and going on currently, a small decision or may call a small change in our Govt. Economic policy about Demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 Rupee notes in our Country, India.


It is clear that, demonetization or ban on higher denomination currency notes ie. ₹500 & ₹1000 must have greater impact on illegal activities on various grounds right from the circulation of fake notes, stashed black money, weaponry purchase/sales with our currency and many other. This should be also very clear to all of us as a citizen of India, that bringing down all these illegal activities to some extent is a big benefit at the first stage. How come, I see running headlines on sufferings of common people in the country at the first place instead? Most of the people at my place are happy to see this decision made by our PM of INDIA, since, it effects directly the blackmoney holdings primarily in our country. It is for sure, that this ban on couple of higher denominations demands responsible citizens to spare some time on exchanging their cash (₹500 or ₹1000 notes) holdings with their respective banks with legitimate relaxations on transactions and so on, at their own places. This should not be any pain if we are looking forward for our own benefits in long-run as a part of our government system.


We’ve witnessed from decades and know the sufferings of victims of bribery culture and corrupt systems in Public and Private sectors. We’ve been talking about this ever since we’ve started our transactions in financial matters. As a saddest part of it, we suppress our voices against it and bribery has become a regular practice in our financial systems (though it is illegal) and has it’s clutches embraced almost all the sections and, even today admission of an elementary kid is not possible without it. This should be a wake-up call to the news media and politicians in our country to show their participation in keeping the nation intact. Instead, I see their shouts and slogans on screens propagating not lasting ill effects rather than bigger benefits of this ban on couple of denominations. We often get to see news, debates, discussions etc. comparing with other countries and showing up our country downtrends mostly. Electronic and Print Media is a powerful medium to promote nations best interests and educate people in mass. We expect mass media to promote and broadcast the unexplored benefits behind the changes in government policies and not panicking the public instead. Why not debate on higher ends of our potentials worth to be a powerful nation among other countries. Why not educate people of our country with higher prospective of the initiations taken up by our government irrespective of any ruling party.


Any decision taken on behalf of national interests by our government always seeks support from all it’s citizens and is successful only with our complete participation. Don’t be misguided by the comments and panicking propaganda by some commercial institutions and others. Ban on the higher denominations, is just a small step in curtailing anti-national activities and it needs more participation of responsible citizens to cut down the illegal and anti-social elements from our country for once and for all. After all, a small stepping stone will lead to a greater destiny.


“If you don’t want to BE A CHANGE, atleast EXCHANGE your NOTES for the moment.”

02 Sep

This Picture Says It @LL..!


This picture says it all…!

You have always been holding me with one hand when the other hand is on my dreams!!!!

Guiding me into my way and giving me strength to live my dreams!!!!!

I have always been myself in every situation of my life coz a little part of my mind has always been saying that you are there to stand for me…..

And I have been against you many times and have scolded you as well!!!

But, believe it I have never scolded you or praised you in my heart!!!

As I always know that you will take everything from me..

I have learned that there is nothing that you can’t..

There is nothing to be left undone that came your way!

To show the people who you are, but at the same time respect them for their age, possession and also, for their little concern that they have towards you.

To stand with your decision!!!!

And, even to go quite against your decision for your loved ones and stand with it.

Yes I learned so many things from you.

And I believe it’s not me its you who is standing here!!!!!

As I can’t even imagine of being here without you.

I bet, that I can’t be you and never have been me without you..!!




30 Jul


Year-2016, Month-July, Day-Saturday and Time-8:00AM.

My typical day, usually start by checking unread Messages and Missed Calls over MY SMARTPHONE and not the least, but the most important activity, power charging of all MY DIGITAL stuff. Good, My SMARTPHONE already had warmup alarm BEEPS early in the morning and now, it’s time to put the social beings online with (T)RINGS.

Between, I try to catchup with the news headlines for today and possible tomorrow’s, here in a single digested feeds on My SMARTPHONE, Wowww.. World in My PALMTOP. “A Day with a 30 minutes workout, possibly outdoors, makes a Healthy living”, tip of the day on a news feed.. interesting, let’s start today!! Oh no, I forgot to finish the GAME on My iPAD, PAUSED Yesterday midnight, let’s complete the LEVEL now and be the TOP SCORE ACHIEVER of the GAME.. Wowww!!

Oh, WHATSAPP Message.. Hey, it’s a BIRTHDAY NOTIFICATION of My Best Friend.. Cool!! Let’s Wish him instantly and be the 1st in his inbox.. “Hi B’DAY BUDDY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)”, DONE!!

After a flood of CELL rings and minutes of talks on My MOBILE, finally could calm down for few more mintues to finishup all daily routines and getting ready for Office.

It’s time to RUSH Office early today, atleast. I tell you, it’s a daily rut on the road and could never escape the jams on traffic and has no CHEATCODES to the destination, never. Would have been Life even more Easier, if someone had invented a TRAFFIC-LESS ROADS in the city, like an Android Apps.. A bit late but, I reach My Office and a quick start of a daily routine works and tasks. Though it seems being busy in official works, We keep checking Our Smartphone for updates on WHATSAPP, FB (Facebook), Twitter, Emails, etc. and in between, a tea break and a lunch break with HEADPHONES in ears, as we don’t want to miss the time to hangup with trending MUSIC WORLD.

It’s evening, timesup for busy CORPORATE Hours (may differ according to the shifts “DAY & NIGHT”) for today, and it’s time to move back Home. I say, it’s A CHALLENGE to reach Office in the Morning hours and A WAR to reach Home back on the very same RUSH HOUR ROADS. I reached Home and thought of getting relaxed for sometime, however, remembered I’ve to meet My friends and we’ve a MOVIE in 3D to watch and back Home at night I’d a VIDEO CHAT Schedule to attend. Woww, So DIGITALLY BUSY LIFE!!

Well I guess, it’s nothing fascinating all that I’ve recited above. Hmm.. that’s TRUE! But, sure I guess a part of it or a full or even BEYOND, is a daily chores of a PRESENT DIGITAL GENERATION. Isn’t IT..??

A Student of any School, College, University, An Employee or An Employer or An Entrepreneur or A Statesman, of Any Designation or Status in this GLOBALIZED WORLD, has or is of no excuse and can’t stay away from this DIGITAL CULTURE for a minute. It’s making our Interaction and Communication with the World with an ease and saving tonnes of OUR PRECIOUS TIME.

Also, we get to see so many new terminologies introduced into Our Dictionaries (including ONLINE DICTIONARIES or can GOOGLE for it or can get it on WIKIPEIDIA), that are named after Psychological Disorders and Mental illness caused due to the ADDICTION to the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY and to the DIGITAL DEVICES.

Are we contributing to the Evolution of a New World that has no meaning living in or we trying our best to get rid of emotional attachments with each other on the name of DIGITALLY ADVANCED..?? Does buying a Communication Device, a SMART or a STANDARD MOBILE is paving a way away from your best souls putting them on Electronic Voices than meeting them Personally..?? Are we trying to establish a new definition to the HAPPINESS by bringing HOME a trendy PlayStation GAME PLAYERS or by buying any random ELECTRONIC GADGETS..??

It’s time to rethink and call forth the HUMAN EMOTIONS and Social Bonds between people by a small realization of a thin layer laid between ADVANTAGE and HABIT of DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.

Think of an opportunity whenever possible, to meet personally and express through your own words rather sitting at your own place and giving them LIKES or SMS. Think of a strict Schedule to put your body on workout or sweat a little to pickup your strength and fitness, rather than counting your scores on DIGITAL SCREENS. Think of an instance captured onto your Heart and Mind through your Eyes, rather than scramble for perfect picture onto your DIGITAL LENS, missing Natural Picture forever. Think of a little walk to the marts, make your choice, pick and pack your requisites, rather going blind on E-COMMERCE, DIGITALLY. Think of a Session with an Elderly Soul who can recite Real Life Experiences, or step into some Library, rather than messing upon DIGITAL PAGES OVER INTERNET. Think of an occasion where You can make your presence in person and make YOUR IDENTITY, rather than staying-in & sending-out #YOUR DIGITAL SIGNATURE.

07 Jul

sPecIaL onE

It was going good with a random hai and byes!!!
As when we came face to face on the floor….
And then the hai byes changed into the tea breaks…
And  then it started my day was incomplete without a cup of tea with you
And there was a change in me..infact a drastic one!!!
I  started caring more and more about me!!!the one who you are loving ..
and we even started  meeting outside the office…
and this time not by  coincidence but we planned it!!!!
And This is how I got ready when I had to meet you 
I just took bath..and bunned my hair but I thought, I should leave them free to the cool breeze today ….
I look at myself in the mirror for about 20 minutes and decided  no add-ons to my face, i want to be as simple as the weather today..
Then I was still checking myself in the mirror to see how  am i looking  for every 10 minutes..

And the talks that I had with me  every time I see myself in the mirror are giving me the strength to get in the way to meet you
And finally I get to your place and it feels priceless to find the talks that I had with myself in your words……….
Our first planned date was too good but it still seems like a dream!!! a dream that came to an end in a fraction of seconds
It is truly said with some people three minutes of conversation makes memories but with some even the three hours look like 3 seconds.
And it was very strange the more we were knowing about each other we were finding ourselves in each other!!!!
It totally made sense that we were made for each other and most importantly we enjoyed our company to the fullest!!!

27 Apr

A Chain Of Girl’s life -3

I have decided this will be my last color and after this there will be an end to the TAMASHA at least for sometime.

GREEN color : He is a software engineer who is really soft and has a plan for future and family.

Demands: He want us to work so hard till we are 35 then plan for children then start a business and then develop it for 55 t hen enjoy  life with luxuries.

Good idea but what if i don’t live till 55? If i am not healthy to enjoy life any more? If i was meant to stick to my bed at 55??

Well, I’m done being a robo and just to sit there and listen to their life plan in which I’m no were related to.

It was my turn to talk this time to my parents and I told them, I’m fed up of imaginary character with all attributes in someone’s life which has no value at all..

I want someone who really think I’m a human being atleast give a thought that even I have dreams, goals and let me follow my heart not the one who don’t value my opinion, who just think I am a piece of an artwork  which is only for display to society, don’t they feel marriage is not a 10am-6pm job?? it is a feeling that bound two hearts together lifelong and they both must be happy, respect, love, give freedom to do what they want to do.

Guess what happened after this, my parents started repeating the dialogue that I was not the girl born and brought up by them and I felt very bad that my own parents are not willing to think what I am trying to say and like others they are in a rush to satisfy society. I know it is their responsibility and they are the people who will be very happy for me in this whole world I can do anything for them..

But before I do what they want, I wanted to do things which I was planning. I know I may do mistakes, take wrong decisions but, I will learn from them, will correct and improve myself to be a better person.

I have seen people saying and posting many inspirational quotes on social media but when it comes to reality no one follow their hearts .. instead they just start the race which has no finish line..

Though the thinking of people has been improving day by day and when it comes to girl as their wife still  they want her only as servant, nurse, cook, etc.,  but not as a  human being with brain, skills and talent not only in kitchen, but also outside of it. Even our parents are very supportive in our saga where letting us to study the subjects we like and allowing us  to work, when it comes to marriage they always want to follow the race which was created by so called ‘society’.

Marriage is a very big step for a girl and she do really need outright support to take this step forward.. there is no rush at all.. She has her own career and dreams let her follow them, achieve them, when she really want someone special in her life, she would surely need your decision and without you she can’t take a single step forward and please face the society and answer them. Most of the people out there in society are not happy with their lives and want to spoil others happiness by just suggesting them which is not at all necessary.

End of the day what really matters is, your daughter happiness, her smile, her relation and bound she creates with her NEW FAMILY.

15 Apr

Special one ;)

Have 10 missed calls………

Picked up the phone on the 11th ring and it was Nancy confirming me about my train

And I had only 1 hour left for me and it takes 30 minutes for me to get to the station

So packed some stuff into a bag that was lying on the floor

Now was thinking of bath…..It’s always very hard to decide on bathing for me

And it was really very good when I was……

There was a ring again as I was staring in the mirror.

And, I was left only with 20 minutes.

So rushed into my car and was driving …. I really like to drive in the nights.

And, my like changed into love for the riding in nights after the long long rides that I had had with…

And finally reached the station, parked my car.

And at the station I was surprised to see my friend Duljith..!!

Duljith, is one of the …..NOOO… the only bhaddas friend that I have.

He reminds me of every moment of my life.

And also makes me forget every incident.

So Duljit was here to get my car back to my home.

And, get me into the train……

I have already travelled a lot but this time it’s really different one.

I am in the same place with the same thoughts the thoughts of you.

The stars in the sky that look to be following me but are leaving me behind just like you.

The day I saw you was the day I found my self!!!!

Though we were different from each other I found my soul in you..

Your smile brought my teeth out!!!

Your words made me dance !!!

Your hand in hand touch made me dwell into the celebration of my life!!

The way you enjoy my craziness, stupidity and madness..

My mood swings when I had a bad day when I moan about the work,

You still listened to me and supported all my shit..!!

Our never ending walks,

Counting stars,

Arguing how many did we count and who counted more,

The way I feel possessive when I saw pinky with you,

The way you copy my expression when I see you both together and that makes me laugh,

I miss it..

Watching our favourite movie with snoopy completing cartons and cartons of ice cream,

By the time we finish the movie we three ended up with cold and sneezes,

When I dragged you to shamshaan just to freak you out,

There was every thing but not your trust..

The trust on me to share all your life events that count on my existence..

But ,I have never questioned you and will never question you in future,

As you are the special one and will always stay to be the special one in my life,

The special one who has made me myself and given me the joyous in being myself..!!

2nd part……

25 Mar

A Chain Of Girl’s Life (Part-2) – COLORS!!

…. After listening to the last night episodes at my home, my friends analysed the situations and convinced me to try and taste the toast of matchmaking trials, arranged by my parents giving it a title “colors of life and every color has its own flavor”. As I don’t want to be a victim of my mom’s illusions, I was ready for the ‘Numaish’ (an Exhibition)!!!!


RED color: He was handsome, fair, good physic, working in MNC and time to handshake and private chitchat. He asked me where do i work? and unlike him, I’m not working in MNC which, i never wanted to but still I earn a good salary, it was always the work which I give believe  not the company.

Demands : He wants me to leave the present job and join  the same company where he is working and same night shifts, so it will not be a problem to spend time together and he can proudly say ‘i’m working in a MNC’.

Rejected.. and my parents need a reason.. i told them that he is a Hitler, he is not ready to listen to me at all and he has his own requirements for future wife, which i’m not. It was a bomb blasting news to them and started worrying.

YELLOW color: He was working as a bank manager, big and educated family with high pay.

Demands: no need of working as he is earning for whole family so, I will not be a  burden, and he will be very happy to pay my whole bills and feels that the society wont’ give respect if a women work for money and he says, when I am earning and what else  does a women needs when she is getting money without breaking her back.

Do we really break our back to earn..?? I think we use brain to work more than body.. don’t we??

Rejected.. pressure started increasing day by day and my parents started avoiding attending functions because, they can’t answer questions like ‘why don’t your daughter get married?”, and they might think I have some problem.

BLUE color: A problem solving Manager, does’nt want any problem in his future planning.

Demands: He need a 6 digits dowry, a car, along with a very well educated wife and should stay at home to take care of his sick parents.

Comparatively, he was the better one but, I felt I’m not the one for him when I have career and dreams.

Rejected.. my parents are very high and eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make the mission impossible to possible at any cost this time..!!

3rd part coming soon….

10 Mar

A Chain of Girl’s Life..

This is the trailer of my story.. I’m a girl with many dreams, to earn, to travel, have new experiences, explore life,

..and when it comes true reality tofulfill them I need to fight with an evil called “society”.

Here starts the main story..

When Istarted earning, i thought that now i can really make my dreams true and started noting downeverything has been listed and started saving money for what i have been planning since my childhood, and i was very happy and excited about thefuture plans.

Then there comes a 7.3 scale degree earthquake which is my 7 steps and 3 knots of license in a girl’s life..

Where people say ‘life and god has other plans in store for you..!’ guess what?? the same thing happened with me..

As I’ve just turned24 and my parents are planning to tossme out of my home in the name of marriage.

My dad, my only hero, has startedplanning for a budget and keeps repeating every day ofthe expenses that

are flying highand shallbe renderedon my wedding. Pilingup the money from banks, selling landsjust to comfort and entertain people whom i never knew or merely seen, andso called our relatives who pay attention uponspending out our half of the life’s earnings just to make them happy and isexactly what my parents called it a ‘STATUS’ in the society.

Training Sessions:

My mom, my best friend started chanting the mantras of how to be a ideal ‘Bahu’ atmy mother ­in-law’s home(whom i don’t know yet), and giving me classes as to how to cook, how to respect elders, how to behavewhen relatives visitsto your place, how to smile and not tolaugh loud when you are with eldersand the list goes on and on and on..

Certification Exam :

And, when I said, I was not ready yet for the marriage and briefed, i have so many things to attain in respects of career and goals in my onlylife and where I shallbe strong and healthy for a span of10 years to embrace in this current hybridized world.. There i dropped an atomic bomb same as in like tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident!!

Soon, it’s Time for an interrogation!!!!!

“Do you have a boyfriend???”

I replied, “no.. I just want to live my life the way i have been planning and i think, i still need time to bound in a new relationship with newresponsibilities.”

Second question!!!!!!!!!

“Are you in love???”

My answer was “no”. Of course, when my answer for thepast onewas “no”, then this will be a big “no” tooright??

There my mom started crying and utters, why do you say you are not ready yet for marriage?? You just wantto do big things because you aregrown up now?? She was not happy with the fact that as to how her daughter isnot excited about the marriage unlike other girls of her age. Yet she began cursing upon saying “I don’tknow why and what we have done and we got children like you ?”

I heard it all, felt so bad and was in a shock until she finished her talks and I kept my mouth shut.

Just in few lines my mom finished her definition of a Girl’s life like, to get married, give birth to children,raise them, take care of them and her family.. that’s all, there she concluded alife of a GIRL.

After the questionnaire.. I could only feellike ‘rubsalt intomy wounds and stay dumbstruck..Then the only solution i have is——-!!!!!!’

Will meet you soon…

26 Feb


Women empowerment is not about doing the things that men do..

It’s not even about wearing shorts or a burkha

It’s not even about having sex before marriage or having an extra marital affair

It’s not even about getting married in late 30’s

Empowerment starts from the point by saving girls from being killed when they are in womb.

Then from supporting them in living their dreams, their ambitions..

And let them act on their life …..

Let her take her own decisions, let her fight her battles , Let her make mistakes and learn from them!!!

So let the women empowerment bring us with the freedom to dream…to aspire…..to be inspired by us.

But don’t let it take away the feelings and the warmth that no man has and can have..

Let us give voice to women who deserves it and who really need it.